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Galveston is Ready to Welcome You!

Galveston Island is back and better than ever! After Beryl, our resilient community has bounced back with all your favorite spots ready to welcome you. From our 32 miles of beaches to the vibrant art scene, historic architecture, charming shops, and mouthwatering dining, Galveston offers the same fantastic experiences you know and love.

What's Open on Galveston Island?

Everything! Our museums, tours, and attractions are all open for business. Wander through The Strand’s historic district, explore the rich history at one of our many distinctive and dynamic museums, relax on a beach or go on a water adventure, enjoy a day of family fun at Moody Gardens, or however you enjoy spending your Island Time. And of course, Galveston’s unique boutiques and local restaurants are ready to serve you, offering a delightful mix of shopping and dining options.

Which Beach Access Points are open in Galveston?

  • Access Point 6 – Pocket Park 1
  • Access Point 7 – Sunny Beach
  • Access Point 10 – Hershey Beach
  • Access Point 12 – Bermuda Beach (drive-on beach only; street parking closed)
  • Access Points 13 & 14 – Pocket Park 3Access Point 16 – 13-Mile Road
  • Access Point 17 – 15-Mile Road
  • Access Point 20 – Indian Beach (W. De Vaca only)
  • Access Point 21 – Kahala Beach Estates
  • Access Point 23 – The Dunes of West Beach
  • Access Point 25 – Gateway Boulevard – Sea Isle Subdivision
  • Access Point 26 – San Jacinto Street – Sea Isle Subdivision
  • Access Points 27 – Sea Isle Parking Lot
  • Access Point 28 – Sea Isle Subdivision and Terramar Beach Subdivision (drive-on only; street parking closed)
  • Access Point 29 – Isla Del Sol Subdivision
  • Access Point 30 – Gulf Boulevard, Isla Del Sol Subdivision
  • Access Point 31 – Terramar Drive, Terramar Beach Subdivision
  • Access Point 32 – Pocket Park #4
  • Access Point 33 – 2nd Street, Bay Harbour Subdivision
  • Access Point 34 – Miramar Subdivision
  • Access Point 36 – Salt Cedar Avenue
  • Access Point 37 – Playa San Luis Subdivision
  • Access Point 38 – Pointe San Luis 1
  • Access Point 39 – Pointe San Luis 2
  • Access Point 41 – San Luis Pass

For Our Texas Travelers

If you're from Houston or anywhere in Texas and planning your visit, rest assured Galveston is ready for you. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend getaway, you’ll find all your favorite spots open and welcoming. The beaches are beautiful, the attractions are buzzing, and our community’s spirit is stronger than ever.

We know how much you look forward to your visits, and we're excited to share that Galveston is fully prepared to provide the wonderful experiences you’ve come to expect. Our local businesses and attractions are eager to see you.

Plan your trip today and create new memories on Galveston Island. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

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The beaches are pristine, the attractions are polished, the hidden gem shops and restaurants are still shining, and our spirit is unbroken. Galveston Island is better than ever and ready to welcome you!

Come now or anytime—we’ve got amazing events planned all the time.

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