Galveston Bed & Breakfasts

Galveston offers a range of B&B options, many situated in mansions in the city’s historic district.

Pristine beaches, iconic architecture, and crystal clear waters - Galveston is not your typical Texas getaway. And for folks looking for an interesting piece of history, a friendly taste of Southern hospitality, and mouth-watering cuisine - it serves as an ideal holiday location. From the outdoorsman to the city slicker, Galveston has something for everyone, and Galveston’s Bed and Breakfasts provide a stunning stay for any traveler.

Ornate exterior of a historic building that now serves as a bed and breakfast in Galveston, TX.

pictured: Coppersmith Inn B&B.

Bed & Breakfasts Offer a Taste of History

Staying in a stately mansion in one of Galveston’s charming historic districts can feel like going back in time. The bed and breakfasts in Galveston allow visitors to get up close and personal with the city’s rich architecture and history. From pirates to wealthy merchants, to great fires and floods, Galveston has an exciting history that is sure to excite any history buff.

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