Galveston Unscripted Podcast

Tune in to the official podcast of Galveston, TX.

Galveston Unscripted focuses on highlighting Galveston history and its role in Texas and American history. Listen as historians, authors, doctors, and community leaders share how history has shaped Galveston.

Episode Transcripts

Meet The Host - J.R. Shaw

"I'm a podcast host, speaker, and entrepreneur. I'm also a history nerd who can’t sit still.

I grew up along the Texas Gulf Coast, where I learned to love talking with anyone about anything! I graduated from Texas A&M University - Galveston with a degree in Maritime Administration and a minor in economics. I learned through a decade in the Maritime industry that I was more interested in people and social dynamics than ships and shipping.

I started Galveston Unscripted after I realized how much I loved talking to people about their stories related to Galveston Island and Texas History. So much of our history is lost when we don't have the opportunity to hear from those who lived it or have second-hand knowledge.

My podcast, Galveston Unscripted, focuses on highlighting Galveston History and its role in Texas and American history and getting historians, authors, doctors, and community leaders to share how history has shaped Galveston's history and unique place in time and space with listeners. Galveston Unscripted has been featured in Coast Monthly Magazine, and other major history podcasts, such as Texas History Lessons, and some episodes are being used as source material in universities across the United States. Galveston Unscripted is an educational resource that is being downloaded worldwide.

Galveston Unscripted is your audio guide to Galveston, a little island and historic playground that I have dubbed 'the world's largest free museum.'"