5 Reasons To Visit Galveston in the Fall From Local Experts

Fall in Love with Galveston this Autumn

There are some perks to living on an island. You can take a walk on the beach whenever you like. You can enjoy the cool breezes that only an island offers. And, in the fall, you can still enjoy great weather, especially in Galveston.

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pictured: Pier 21

1. Cooler Weather & Smaller Crowds

As you can probably guess, fall is typically a little cooler compared to summer and the crowds are smaller. The average high temperature in October/ November is generally in the 60s and 70s. Believe it or not, you may need a sweater or light jacket when visiting. Remember the Gulf breeze? Plus, summer is always the busiest time of year on our island, so the fall offers a chance to explore with smaller crowds and shorter lines at area attractions and popular restaurants.

Food & Drink

Galveston’s weather is pretty temperate. Outdoor seating is available throughout the island, including numerous restaurants on the Seawall, Strand, Postoffice Street, and Pier 21.

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Downtown restaurants that come to mind include Taquilo’s Tex-Mex Cantina, Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar, Shark Shack Beach Bar & Grill, Hearsay on The Strand, Riondo’s Ristorante, Yaga’s Café, and Stuttgarden Tavern on The Strand.

At Pier 21, you’ll find Willie G’s and Fisherman’s Wharf and look for the new Katie’s Seafood House at Pier 19. And, of course, there are many other options along the beachfront and in the East End Historic District including The Sunflower Bakery and Cafe and Mosquito Cafe.

Insider Tip: The Porch Cafe in Beach Town is a beautiful spot to dine outside.

3. Pub Crawls for Pumpkin Beer

Just like seasonal coffee, we all love our seasonal craft beer. Slowly but surely, Galveston’s craft beer scene has grown, and there are several local options for beer lovers. You can always count on Galveston Island Brewing for their seasonal Oktoberfest. Plus, you can also find your fall favorites at other popular bars like Beerfoot Beach Bar, Brews Brothers Brew Pub, Stuttgarden Tavern, Murphy's Irish Pub, and Old Cellar Bar. You should also stop by the Devil and the Deep Brewery for their Vienna Lager and Oktoberfest.


Before the time changes in early November, take advantage of enjoying the sunset during a reasonable hour. You’ll find a beautiful spot at the restaurants at Pier 21 as well as Katie's Seafood House.

Other great options are Number 13 and any vantage point at Moody Gardens.

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Insider Tip: Enjoy dolphin boat tours year-round at Pier 21.

5. Walks on the Beach

While we’ve already mentioned walks on the beach, did we say where? As you can imagine, this is an ideal time of year to enjoy a quiet walk on the beach. We recommend that you venture to spots off the beaten path, like the beaches between Stewart Beach and East Beach and the newly expanded beaches along the Seawall. In case you’ve missed it, west of 61st Street, there are plenty of quiet beaches to enjoy. And, make sure you include the Galveston Island State Park on your list.

These suggestions are just a sampling of things to do during your visit to Galveston Island. Make sure you include time to explore Galveston’s historic downtown for shopping and dining.
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Christine Ruiz Hopkins Guest Blogger

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For more than 25 years, she has worked in travel and tourism, promoting Galveston. Her tourism background makes her a bit of an expert on Galveston Island. She is the co-author of the newly released “100 Things to Do in Galveston Before You Die,” published by Reedy Press. Before the book, she has written more than 300 blogs on Galveston offering travel tips on what to see and do. Over the years, she's given hundreds of tours for visiting travel writers showcasing the sites on the island. Currently, she’s a Galveston guide for ToursByLocals.com.