Galveston Advertising Opportunities

Visit Galveston offers various advertising opportunities to connect with potential visitors, locals and beyond!

Visit Galveston is the most trusted travel resource for Galveston Island and knows how expensive it is for local businesses to promote their services and products. Largely based on reaching the Houston metro area, the cost of advertising is expensive. Yet island businesses face a unique set of circumstances because they are not located in the big city and have to deal with seasonal visitation trends. We understand this and Visit Galveston offers a variety of ways to affordably reach a highly-qualified audience that is planning their next visit to the island. Through effective print, digital, and native advertising, we'll connect you with locals and visitors searching for places to stay, things to do, restaurants, attractions, and so much more.

Advertising Opportunities

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Economic Impact of Tourism in Galveston

The travel sector is an integral part of the Galveston Island economy, which begins with actual spending by visitors, but also considers the downstream effects of this injection of spending into the local economy.

Galveston Tourism
Total Visitation


In 2022, Galveston Island received 8.1 MILLION VISITORS, a 26.6% increase from 2021.

Source: Tourism Economics

Visitor Spending Impact

Island Time
Record Spending

In 2022, visitor spending generated a total economic impact of $1.5 BILLION on Galveston Island, including $1.2 billion in direct visitor spending. Higher demand coupled with rising prices of key commodities helped direct visitor spending on Galveston Island to grow strongly for a second consecutive year.

Visitor Spend By Segment

Source: Tourism Economics

Tourism Labor Market
Island Time
Employment Impacts

Visitor activity sustained a total of 11,890 jobs in 2022, including 9,793 direct jobs and 2,097 jobs supported through indirect and induced impacts. This equates to 1-in-3 jobs on Galveston Island.

Visitor spending supported the largest number of jobs in the food & beverage industry (3,495).

Vacation Rental Tax Contributions

Percentage of revenue generated by vacation rentals to hotel occupancy tax (HOT)

Since 2018, the amount of revenue generated by vacation rentals to hotel occupancy tax (HOT) revenue has grown from 28% to 51% in 2022. Tourism also contributed $30.3 million in local sales and property tax revenue accounting for 50% of the City of Galveston's General Fund.