Visit Galveston Haunted History Experience - Agenda

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Dottie Bossley
Phone: (512) 507-8103

Ciara Basile

Phone: (909) 953-4510

Tiffaney Gonzales
Phone: (409) 370-7288

Bryan Kunz
Phone: (409) 939-1814

Haley Follett
Phone: (979) 328-2874

Day 1 - October 19, 2022

4:00PM - Shuttle begins picking up clients for Bryan Museum cocktail hour.

  • Moody Gardens - 4:15PM meet in lobby, 4:20PM shuttle pick up
  • San Luis Resort - 4:25PM meet in lobby, 4:30PM shuttle pick up
  • Grand Galvez - 4:45PM meet in lobby, 4:50PM shuttle pick up
  • The Tremont House- 4:40PM meet in lobby, 4:45PM Visit Galveston pick up/ Tremont shuttle

5:00PM - Arrive at the Bryan Museum: Limited-Service Property cocktail hour

6:30PM - Begin boarding the shuttle bus

6:45PM - Leave for Grand Galvez

7:00PM - Property experience and dinner at Grand Galvez

9:15PM- Begin boarding shuttle bus (Grand Galvez guests stay at property)

9:30PM - Shuttle drops off clients

  • 9:45PM - San Luis Resort
  • 10:00PM - Moody Gardens

Day 2 - October 20, 2022

7:15AM - Shuttle begins pick up

  • The Tremont House - 7:00AM meet in lobby, 7:15AM shuttle departs
  • Grand Galvez - 7:15AM meet in lobby, 7:30AM shuttle departs
  • San Luis Resort - 7:25AM meet in lobby, 7:45AM shuttle departs

8:00AM - Arrive at Moody Gardens for breakfast and property experience

10:00AM - Begin boarding the shuttle bus

10:10AM - Shuttle leaves Moody Gardens

10:30AM - Arrive at the cemetery for a tour with Kathleen Maca

11:20AM - Begin boarding shuttle

11:30AM - Shuttle leaves for The San Luis Resort

11:50AM - Arrive at The San Luis Resort for lunch and property experience

2:00PM - Begin boarding shuttle

2:10PM - Shuttle leaves for Galveston Island Convention Center

2:15PM - Shuttle arrives at Galveston Island Convention Center for property tour

2:40PM- Begin boarding shuttle and Visit Galveston vehicles

  • 2:50PM - The San Luis Resort vehicle departs
  • 2:50PM - Moody Gardens shuttle bus departs
  • 2:50PM - Grand Galvez & The Tremont House depart via Visit Galveston Tahoe & Transit

3:00PM - Refresh for evening adventures

4:00PM - Shuttle begins to pick up for The Tremont House property experience and cocktail hour

  • Moody Gardens - 4:00PM meet in lobby, 4:10PM shuttle departs
  • San Luis Resort - 4:15PM meet in lobby, 4:30PM shuttle departs
  • Grand Galvez - 4:35PM meet in lobby, 4:45PM shuttle departs

5:00PM - Shuttles arrives at The Tremont House for hotel experience and cocktail hour

7:00PM - Begin boarding carriages for Post Office/Downtown tour

7:30PM - Arrive at the Galveston Railroad Museum for dinner aboard the Galveston Express

9:30PM - Dinner and show finish

9:45PM - Begin boarding the shuttle bus

9:55PM- Shuttle bus departs

  • 10:00PM - The Tremont House
  • 10:15PM - Grand Galvez
  • 10:25PM - San Luis Resort
  • 10:35PM - Moody Gardens

Day 3 - October 21, 2022

7:30-9:00AM - Grab & Go Breakfast with Visit Galveston sales member in the lobby