Sharing all the wonderful things about Galveston Island takes a community!

Providing visitors with diverse perspectives of Galveston Island is one of our top priorities. In an effort to provide you with several different perspectives of Galveston, we've partnered with local and regional bloggers, photographers, experts, etc.

A group of four young adults pose for a selfie in Galveston, TX.
Brett Scull

Hi y’all, my name is Brett and I am the eyes behind Roam Galveston. What started as an avenue to express my passion for all things Galveston has morphed into an exciting and interactive platform that I never would have expected. But hey, that’s Galveston! I am passionate about bringing our island’s history to life by capturing moments, researching the fascinating characters who built their lives between the waters and weaving their tales together to tell the story of the island.

I enjoy learning as much as possible from like-minded Galveston enthusiasts along the way. I invite you to leave the mainland behind and roam with us on an exciting, sometimes tumultuous, altogether inspiring story, of all things Galveston, past and present, history, architecture, people and how the Oleander City seamlessly blends them all. It’s island time!

Dr. Hal Needham