Bestselling Author Invites Readers to 1900 Galveston in New Historical Novel

International Bestselling Author, Anna J Walner, invites readers into the world of 1900 Galveston in 'Saltwater and Driftwood.'

The Great Storm of 1900 remains the greatest natural disaster to ever befall the United States of America. A statement that many find astounding, or even unbelievable, having never heard of it before. In a time before storms were named, the one which lives on in infamy seems to have slipped into the past. However, for those along the Gulf Coast, it seem inconceivable to think that there are people who don’t know about the storm that changed the course of history forever.

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Commemorate the 122nd anniversary of The Great Storm with this special event. Join us in the lobby of The Tremont House on September 8, 2022, for a "Saltwater and Driftwood" book signing plus a Q&A with meteorologist Dr. Hal Needham.

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About 'Saltwater and Driftwood'

September 8th, 1900, the morning would begin just like any other for the citizens of Galveston. The Queen of the Gulf Coast sat silently, as a category four hurricane loomed just offshore. Imagine the world of a young girl, only sixteen, in the blush of her life, attending High Tea at the Tremont, and strolling the shops along The Strand. What if she wrote down the events of her life, what if that journal were found decades later by her granddaughter? What would it say?

In the first historical fiction novel to feature The Great Storm of Galveston, International Bestselling Author, Anna J Walner, invites readers into the world of Galveston in the year 1900. Following young Clara and her family, we stroll along the oleander-lined streets, revel in the festivities of the original Pleasure Pier, and find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature on that fateful eve. We meet Sister Bernadette, a caretaker of children at St. Mary’s Orphanage, Isaac Cline and his brother Joseph, and other characters who bring their own perspectives to the events of that day. A day that Clara will never forget.

Imagine the chilling events of the storm as the waves crept further onto the island, the wind lashing the palms. The desperation within the orphanage to save the children, and the unimaginable aftermath of being on an island cut off from any help of the mainland. Built on historical fact, the narrative incorporates both the resplendent lives of Galvestonians, and their undeniable resilience in the days and years that followed. Showing that through great tragedy comes great strength. Readers experience a truly immersive tale of survival, love, grandeur, loss, and a steadfast resolve to overcome, no matter the unimaginable events we endure.

The most amazing part of the novel is that readers can immerse themselves in the Island's rich history of Galveston today! Walk along the Seawall, visit the Pleasure Pier, The Strand, take a tour of the island, and enjoy the trolley lines that still run, although no longer pulled by horses. The Great Storm of 1900 may have tried its best, but it could not keep Galvestonians from rebuilding and preserving the history of the Queen City herself.

"A well-drawn tale of one of America's worst natural disasters." - Publisher's Weekly

“A captivating tale of survival and human resilience, Saltwater and Driftwood hooks you in from the start and refuses to let go until the end. Author Anna J. Walner perfectly captures the sense of panic and dread in the face of calamity and draws an accurate portrayal of arguably the greatest natural catastrophe in recent American history. The characters are grounded and relatable, and the narrative exudes realism. It makes the stakes feel real and provides readers with a compelling plot filled with twists and turns. Clara is an independent thinker with a tenacious mind that longs to be free. You can't help but root for her as she fights for survival. Recommended to readers who enjoy historical fiction or survival stories.." - Readers Favorite

“Walner's imaginative plot captivates while reminding readers that disaster can strike at the most unexpected of times—a prompt to cherish life every moment. Tragic details of death and survival leap from the page, transporting readers back in time to what remains one of the deadliest natural disasters ever to hit the United States. Students of history—as well as lovers of suspense, adventure, and survival—will devour Walner's creative tale.” – Literary Titan

Praise for Walner’s portrayal of The Great Storm has already begun, even before the book releases in August 2022. Nine days shy of the Anniversary of The Great Storm. Texas Monthly has featured the book as a ‘Must Read’ for this summer, and the book has also been highlighted on KPRC and Fox 26. It is available now for preorder in both e-books and Paperback.

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Join Us for a Book Signing

When: September 8, 2022 from 4pm-6pm
Where: Lobby of The Tremont House (2300 Ship Mechanic Row)

Attend a virtual Q&A with meteorologist Dr. Hal Needham via Facebook LIVE from 4-5PM on the 122nd Anniversary of The Great Storm (Sept. 8, 2022).

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Anna Walner International Bestselling Author

Anna J Walner is an International Bestseller, a Barnes and Noble Bestseller, and an Bestseller. She is also a multi-award-winning Author. She has been featured in Texas Monthly, File 770, The Nerd Daily, NBC Radio, 104.1 KRBE Radio, on the cover of Books and Buzz Magazine, KRPC Channel 2 Houston, and Fox 26 Houston.

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