Everything You Need to Know About the Galveston Island International Festival

In November you can take a trip around the world without leaving Galveston Island!

On Saturday November 18th, Galveston Children’s Museum will host the inaugural Galveston Island International Festival. This free event will be full of international music, dance, and performances. Held from 10am to 3pm with a full program of performances, it promises to be fun for the whole family.

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When: November 18, 2023
Where: Galveston Children's Museum
2618 Broadway St

Galveston Island International Festival - Presented by the Galveston Children’s Museum. Inspired by the book "Adventures with my Auntie" by author Phylicia French.

An Adventure in International Experiences for Families and children! This FREE FAMILY EVENT will have food, music, dance, fashion, games and prizes on the grounds of Galveston Children's Museum.There will be exhibitors and performers from different countries and cultures providing entertainment, education, arts & crafts and giveaways, sharing information, and inviting us into a daylong adventure all on our very own Galveston Island.

For more visit www.galvestoncm.org

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About the Galveston Island International Festival

By Phylicia French, Mental Health Educator & Consultant

I’m proud to say this festival is inspired by my book “Adventures with My Auntie: My International Food Festival Adventure.” It fills my heart with joy to see the story of my nephew and I discovering international food, dance, and art transform into a real-life experience! It has been a pleasure to work with representatives from the Galveston Children’s Museum and the local community to create this brand-new event. The organizing committee has planned a day of international adventure, spectacular performances, food, and family fun.

We value global awareness, education, and providing children with hands-on experiences to create, explore, connect, and learn about cultural diversity. This unique festival will allow children and families to truly feel the world is within their reach!

I was born and raised in Galveston and in 2017 I moved abroad and experienced first-hand what it was like to live and connect with people from other countries. It opened my eyes to the world around me and I’m hoping this festival will give children and families who attend the opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes for a day.

We will have exhibitors and 13 performers from different countries and cultures providing entertainment, education, arts & crafts, and giveaways, sharing information, and inviting us into a daylong adventure all on our very own Galveston Island. There will also be opportunities to try some delicious food from around the world and we will have exciting dance parties!

We felt it was very important to have the festival free for all attendees, performers, and exhibitors. We wanted to remove any barriers that could prevent families from attending this fantastic festival. Families from all walks of life will enjoy a trip around the world on the grounds of the Galveston Children’s Museum!

Galveston is a city rich in history, diverse cultures, and experiences. The Galveston Island International Festival will celebrate how this diversity continues to empower us. This day is a dream come true for a girl born on Galveston Island. Save the date, make the trip to Galveston, join us for a festival you don’t want to miss, and stay on our beautiful island for a lovely weekend!

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Phylicia French Mental Health Educator & Consultant

Phylicia French is an international author, speaker, mental health educator, creative expressions specialist, community activist, and breakthrough coach from Galveston, Texas. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a minor in Communication Studies, and a graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Phylicia assists families, youth, educators, organizations, and helping professionals with self-awareness, self-discovery, self-care, and holistic mental wellness practices. She enjoys spending time with her nieces, nephews, and godchildren. Formerly, a Head Start preschool teaching assistant, Phylicia honed the pedagogical skills to write children's books and transform even routine experiences with the children in her life into extraordinary, educative adventures.