Moody Gardens Introduces Two Fintastic Exhibits At The Discovery Museum This Spring Break

Guests Can Delve into Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventures Photo Exhibit and Sharks In-Depth

Spring Break is almost here and Moody Gardens is offering new experiences with two new exhibits inside of the Discovery Museum called Sharks in Depth and Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventures.

Sharks In Depth, explores shark facts versus fiction, anatomy, and behavior through a series of hands-on activities. Visitors can learn how a shark survives without a swim bladder, how they sense prey through vibrations and smell, what currently threatens shark populations and more. The exhibit explores the mysterious and often misunderstood world of sharks, from where they live and what they eat, to how they are designed for their environments along with and safety tips for humans while in the ocean.

The Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventures exhibit comes to Galveston Island by way of the San Antonio Zoo. Dr.Dante Fenolio, San Antonio Zoo’s Vice President of Conservation and Research, has traveled the world and to the deepest depths, shedding light on rarely-seen wildlife to the general public. Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventure takes us to the bottom of the ocean to a concealed habitat absent of light. This strange and fascinating world of complete darkness is not a solitary place – millions of life forms inhabit it! This exhibit brings these shadowy haunts into focus and shows us how life forms have adapted to lightless environments, including refinements of senses, the evolution of unique body parts, and illumination using “biological flashlights.”

“From aquatic films to our aquarium, our visitors have a wonderful fascination and appreciation for the ocean and marine life,” said John Zendt, Moody Gardens President and CEO. “The addition of these two new exhibits will offer guests exciting new experiences while contributing to our mission of education and conservation”.

Both exhibits in the Discovery Museum are complemented by the Aquarium Pyramid which is one of the largest aquariums in the U.S. The 10-story, blue-glass Aquarium Pyramid features marine life from the North Pacific, South Atlantic, South Pacific, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. In all, it houses more than 10,000 marine animals in 1.5 million gallons.

Tickets to the Discovery Museum provide admission to Sharks In-Depth and the Planet Earth Deep Sea Adventures exhibits and are $16 for adults, $13 for seniors 65 and up, and for children 4-12. A One-Day Value Pass is just $75 for adults and $65 for children and seniors and includes admission to the Aquarium Pyramid, Rainforest Pyramid, Discovery Museum, Dino's Alive, Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, and a show in each theater (MG 3D Theater, 4D Special FX Theater, 20,000 Leagues Interactive Adventure).

For more information visit or call 409-744-4673.

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