Skydive Galveston
  • 9020 Stewart Rd
    Galveston, Texas 77554
  • (409) 420-6231
  • Hours:
    Monday 7:30AM-6:30PM
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 7:30AM-6:30PM
    Thursday 7:30AM-6:30PM
    Friday 7:30AM-6:30PM
    Saturday 7:30AM-6:30PM
    Sunday 7:30AM-6:30PM
Offering the only permanent beach landing tandem in the USA, Skydive Galveston makes it their priority to provide the safest skydiving environment while providing superb customer service satisfaction with a Beach Landing Tandem Skydive. This sets them apart from most other tandem skydive operations. Skydive Galveston charges a little more than their competitors so they can ensure you get the highest standard of experience in the best location!!!

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