Downtown trolley

The trolley is $1 for adults, while minors who are accompanied by adults can ride for free. Riders will need to bring exact change to place in the fare box; drivers do not have the ability to make change for riders. A transfer between the Downtown and the Seawall Loop is included in the price.

Seawall Loop – The trolley travels between Stewart Beach and Moody Gardens along the Seawall. East and West bound stops are available along the way. A transfer to the Downtown Loop is available at 21st St. & Seawall Blvd.

Downtown Loop – The trolley travels between The Strand and the Seawall. North & South Bound stops are available on 25th St., Postoffice Street, 20th St., and The Strand. A transfer to the Seawall Loop is available at 21st St. and Seawall Blvd.

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