Ride, Tour and Experience the Free State of Galveston in a Carriage Haus 1908 Model-T replica electric golf cart! Heads will turn when your horn toots “ahhhhh ooooooo gaaaaaaa!”

Your posse will engage with old Galveston on this IslandTreasureHunts.com interactive 90-minute tour led by an experienced and highly rated Galveston Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) who will serve as your private driver or guide you as a passenger.

Get your selfie sticks ready as we roll to some of the most epic photo spots on the island. Snap and post from breathtaking architectural wonders and world-renowned public art displays (Murals, Tree Sculptures, historic monuments, and more!).

Experience an international city that was on top of the world until a storm left it broken and destroyed. Discover the raising up of an island, literally, to become the notorious playground of the South. Roll through neighborhoods once in ruin and rubble, but revived with renegades, restoration, and riches.

Hear the old tales from the underground speakeasies and casinos, as well as some modern-day scuttlebutt. Meet the players and OGs who impacted the island forever. Journey on this cultural and historic adventure back in time to the roaring decades that created intriguing Galveston legends.

Jeepers! This Hotsy-totsy tour is the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow for not a lot of cabbage. You savvy? Let’s ride!

Guide Prices
Cart Rental - Driven By Guide

  • 5-Seater Cart Rental - $90.00 (seats 4 people plus guide)
  • 8-Seater Cart Rental - $ 120.00 (seats 7 people plus guide)

Rider Prices​, Per Person - $25.00

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