Accessible Beaches and Facilities in Galveston, Texas

In this guide, we'll explore the top accessible beaches and facilities on the island that ensure no obstacles on your next beach day.

Are you dreaming of a perfect family beach day but worried about accessibility for all members of your group? Look no further than Galveston Island, where a network of accessible beaches and facilities has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the sun and surf without any limitations.

Importance of Beach Accessibility for All

The allure of the beach, with its endless horizon of sun, sand, and sea, is a universal call that resonates in the hearts of many. It's where memories are made, laughter is shared, and the world's worries disappear with the ebbing tides. But for a significant portion of our population, the opportunity to fully embrace the beauty of the beach has its obstacles. This is where the concept of accessible beaches shines as a beacon of inclusion and equality.

In this blog, we'll explore how the Galveston Park Board of Trustees and Visit Galveston has provided resources for those with disabilities to enjoy its beach parks and facilities - a testament to our commitment to making the world more accessible and welcoming for all.

Beach Wheelchair Program

The Galveston Park Board of Trustees (Visit Galveston parent company) has provided an amazing display of accommodations so that all can enjoy the beach. There is a place for you to experience the magic of the blue sea breeze. Sand is no longer an obstacle!

The Beach Wheelchair Program is available to rent at East Beach, Stewart Beach, and Dellanera RV Park. Accessible parking is located at East Beach, Dellanera RV Park, and Seawolf Park.

The Seawall is a very easy place to get around and you can enjoy great views as you roll along.

Festivals and Adaptive Events

Galveston Island is also home to special events specifically designed to provide opportunities for those with disabilities. Since 1990, an adaptive sports festival has been held on Palm Beach that features sailing, kayaking, waterskiing and other water sports. Held in early September, the festival includes specialized equipment as well as professional instruction from groups like TPGC and Texas Adaptive Aquatics. Physical and occupational therapy doctoral students from the
University of Texas Medical Branch are also on hand to help attendees get in and out of the water.

It’s such a confidence-building thing; it encourages those with disabilities to go on and do things that they probably otherwise wouldn’t have done.

David Gaston

Another exciting event, the Turning Point Drum Tournament in Galveston, which is a fishing tournament for people with physical disabilities, is held the first weekend after Easter each year.“ Everyone comes out on Friday night to meet their captains and help us eat 500 pounds of shrimp, and on Saturday, they
fish,” says Gaston, who adds that local fishermen volunteer their time, boats, tackle and gear to take participants fishing.

“This gives those with physical challenges the chance to fight a really big fish out on the water—something they may never have experienced before.” The event is followed by a barbecue dinner and an awards banquet.

Indeed, Galveston Island’s goal is to welcome people of all abilities. In the process, visitors can experience a truly inclusive environment.

East Beach

Location: 1923 Boddeker Dr
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East Beach is the most accessible beach on the island and would be best to visit if you are looking to set up camp for a full family day out in the sun.

East Beach has accessible parking spots with concrete flooring located by the pavilion. There is a route with ramp access to the restrooms and Cantina upstairs.

Mobi-Mats at East Beach.

When you are ready to head out to the beach, the newly installed Mobi-Mats - funded in part by The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) - are your “blue” carpet to all the action. Mobi-Mats are designed to provide a stable surface for individuals with mobility disabilities to safely navigate across the sand. The walkway will grant you access close to the shore.

This location also features free-to-rent beach wheelchairs, which allow all individuals to enjoy the water securely seated and buckled in. Beach wheelchairs are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Notify a Park Board attendant at the gate, and they will happily assist you with the equipment.

Stewart Beach

Location: 401 Seawall Blvd
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Stewart Beach is a crowd’s favorite with the special use area with ½ mile of drive-on vehicle beach access for disabled veterans and persons with disabilities. You will receive free parking entry with a handicapped parking permit while utilizing this area.

Stewart Beach also highlights newly installed mobility decking from the parking entrance to the beachfront. Along the way, there is ramp access to accessible restrooms for your convenience.

Accesibile Facilities in Galveston
Accessible Facilities

The secret is out! Dellanera RV Park is not only available for overnight campers, it is open to the public daily! Dellanera has ramp access to amenities located upstairs, which include the newly remodeled accessible shower and restrooms. This location is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset from the patio deck if you do not like sand in between your toes!

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Accessible Facilities

If you have not visited Seawolf Park, it is a tourist must! The best ocean views without the sand can be found here! There is safe sidewalk pathway for all to navigate through the park. The fishing pier is a great destination to fish comfortably while seated. An accessible restroom is in the middle of the park as well.

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Jamie Le, OTD, OTR Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Jamie Le is a licensed occupational therapist who is passionate about mental health, neuroscience, and community accessibility. She is a proud University of Houston and University of Texas Medical Branch alumni. When she is not working, you can find her baking bread, playing ukulele, or watching the sunset!