Video/Photography Request Form

Fill out the form below to request photos and/or videos from the Multimedia Content Creator.

Note: 10 Day Advanced Notice Required. This is an internal form for Visit Galveston staff. Submissions will be sent directly to Melody Smith for approval.

Below are a few guidelines when developing videos:

  • Purpose. Decide if the content is beneficial and creates interest in visitation or event planning. 
  • Keep it simple. If you can’t convey an idea in writing, it must be simplified.
  • Must have structure. Each video needs a clear beginning, middle and end.
  • Solve a problem. What questions can be solved for a planner or visitor?
  • Develop authentic characters that viewers will connect with and remember.
If the point of contact is different from you, please specify below.
To be used for...
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Check here if you plan on being on-site for the requested production.
If applicable (0:30, 1:30, etc.)