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See Galveston, TX with expert-guided and self-guided tours of the city. Visit the tree sculptures, Turtles About Town, the Seawall Interpretive Traill, and more.

With an abundance of things to see and learn, Galveston Island has several tours for you to soak it all in.

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Guided Tours

Experts provide immediate answers to your questions on a guided tour of Galveston. You’ll have a chance to meet other people with similar interests and exchange information about favorite places you’ve been in Galveston.

Self-Guided Tours

Are you a traveler who enjoys self-guided tours? There are no arrival or departure times. Many of the experiences are free. And if you want to experience our island alone or with just your family, these self-guided tours are ideal.

Walk, rent a golf cart, bike or Segway to visit the tree sculptures — the silver lining to the damage wrought by Hurricane Ike. Find the Turtles About Town, a public art project about the Turtle Island conservation efforts. Explore Galveston’s rich African-American heritage, with its 14 historically African-American churches that were organized more than 100 years ago and still serve the community today.

Many unique experiences crisscross the island and are ready for your discovery. Take your time, bring a book and stop for something to eat at one of our wonderful cafes and restaurants. After lunch, head out on another self-guided tour. Walk the Seawall Interpretive Trail, with plenty of artist-designed benches to sit. Park your car and board the free ferry to Bolivar Peninsula and back. And polish off the day by watching the sunset on a cruise or sitting on the sand at Pirates Beach in Galveston Island State Park.

Self-Guided Tours

Ditch the car and experience all that the island has to offer in these unique transportation options.

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