Galveston's Seawall Interpretive Trail

Visit Seawall Blvd in Galveston, TX to see the Seawall Interpretive Trail, 70 Seawall benches Artist Boat transformed into educational works of art.

Visit Artist Boat's beautiful mosaic benches, Project S.I.T. (Seawall Interpretive Trail), a Texas-sized art installation spanning Galveston’s Historic Seawall, from 6th to 61st street.

About Project S.I.T.

Project SIT is a beautification program on Galveston’s (Texas) Historic Seawall. The program will transform 70 concrete benches with educational mosaics providing an interpretation of Galveston Island, Galveston Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico’s coastal and ocean processes, natural resources, recreational opportunities, coastal heritage, and multiple uses of our coast. Each bench, therefore, builds awareness and inspires action to conserve our natural resources.

Project SIT stands to be an important educational legacy in Galveston. The Seawall is an important vacation destination and a cornerstone of Galveston’s tourist economy. In the 2014 fiscal year, 6 Million visitors came to Galveston and generated $145 million in tax dollars during their stay. Seawall construction began in 1902 and since has become a cultural landmark that defines Galveston’s pride and resilience. Project SIT is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leave a culturally significant legacy on the Seawall for many years to come.

Project SIT was completed by commissions to artists through a juried process and student work created during Artist Boat Eco-Art Residencies. Bench beautification began with bench sponsorship. Artist Boat then sent out a CALL TO ARTISTS to submit a design. Designs had to: interpret the theme (visual or text), be accurate, and beautiful. The Jury was made up of six professional artists and scientists that are also community stakeholders. The jury reviewed each submission before approval was given to the selected artist. The artists were provided with tiles, glazes, and brushes to complete their bench. Upon completion, artists returned tiles to the Artist Boat office for firing and installation. Artist Boat contracted a professional tile company to repair benches and install the mosaic tile.