Galveston's Pelican Island

Small, scenic Pelican Island is located to the north of Galveston, linked to the city by a bridge.

The island is home to popular attractions such as Seawolf Park, Galveston Naval Museum and Texas A&M Galveston.

Seawolf Park

Pelican Island History

Pelican Island's history is rich, spanning two centuries. It started as a narrow windswept sand dune. During the Civil War, it was home to a small fort and later housed an immigration station, shipyard, and fish and oyster business. In 1965, Galveston businessman, George Mitchell, purchased a large piece of land and donated it to Texas A&M University. Today it’s a fantastic place to experience more of the natural beauty of Galveston and learn about some interesting US, Texas, and island history.

Directions to Pelican Island

To get to Pelican Island, take the I-45 South to Galveston. Turn left onto 51st Street and continue over the bridge to Pelican Island. Seawolf Parkway is the only street that runs across the island.

Aerial view of Seawolf Park
Featured Attraction

Seawolf Park is located on Pelican Island at the former immigration station site. It is home to a large playground and picnic area, a popular fishing pier, and the naval museum. The park is open 24 hours (subject to change) and located at 100 Seawolf Park Blvd. Parking is $6 per car; $10 per tour bus/RV; and $5 per school bus.

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Galveston Naval Museum

Learn about historic WWII vessels when you visit the Galveston Naval Museum, featuring the famous USS Cavalla, which played an important role in military action against the Japanese, as well as the unique USS Stewart. Choose a self-guided tour or sign up for one of the museum’s popular tours. Private tours, group sleepovers, camps, and special events can be organized, on request.

Naval museum stewart ship
The USS Stewart at the Galveston Naval Museum
Public Art

Love turtles? Don’t miss the community art project, Turtles About Town. These colorful sea turtle statues were commissioned by local artists to raise awareness of Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles and are dotted around the city. How many can you find? #TurtlesAboutTown!

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