Galveston's East End Historical District

Take a trip to the timeless East End Historical District: Galveston, TX's first residential neighborhood.

The East End is adjacent to downtown and was Galveston’s first residential neighborhood.

East End Historical District Homes

It is hard to pick your favorites when visiting the East End Historical District. Old world charm welcomes visitors to the East End, an area of more than 50 city blocks. Broadway forms its southern border, 10th Street the eastern edge, Mechanic Avenue its northern tip and 19th Street the western side. The district is designated as a National Historic Landmark and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The tree-lined streets feature an array of architectural styles and eclectic dining spots. Spend an afternoon touring the streets, crash a neighborhood block party and stay overnight as a guest in a one-of-a-kind vacation rental.

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The East End encompasses a few different neighborhoods, each with its own character and significance. The University of Texas Medical Branch can be found on the East End, along with the East End Historic District. The story behind the historic neighborhood, with its impressive array of Victorian homes, is that in 1885, a devastating fire swept through the city. The East End's tight grid pattern slowed firefighting efforts, and the area was totally decimated. Famous architects such as Nicholas Clayton, Alfred Muller, and George Stowe stepped in to lead the reconstruction, designing elegant Victorian homes throughout the district.

Wandering through these areas, with their lush landscaping and colorful historic homes, is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend the day while you're in Galveston. Make sure you peek into some of the local shops and stop for a bite to eat along the way.

Visit Galveston's East End to experience the true essence of the island, from its storied past to its pristine nature. For information on where to stay in Galveston, click here.

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East End Lagoon Nature Preserve

The East End Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve is a nearly 700-acre ecological preserve with diverse habitat on the island's far eastern end. As one of the few undeveloped large salt marshes / coastal prairies on the island, it is considered a local treasure.

The preserve is home to a wide variety of birds and marine mammals that thrive in the brackish waters found here. For a true nature immersion in a pristine environment, spend a few hours ambling slowly through this place, observing the birds and taking in the sounds of nature.

East End Lagoon
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