Juneteenth History

Galveston, Texas, holds a special place in the history of Juneteenth.

Known as the birthplace of this significant day, it was here that General Granger issued General Order No. 3, declaring freedom for slaves. This proclamation was a momentous occasion, symbolizing a long-awaited liberation for thousands of African Americans who had endured years of enslavement.

9 foot tall bronze statue of Ashton Villa to commemorate the Juneteenth holiday in Galveston TX
Experience the History of Juneteenth in Galveston
Juneteenth Galveston logo with fist over image of the state of Texas. Logo reads "Where it all began"
Birthplace of Juneteenth
Celebrating Black History & Culture in Galveston

The Birthplace of Juneteenth, Galveston Island holds a special place in United States and African American history. But the richness of this history goes well beyond celebrating Emancipation. From being home to the first historically African American secondary school and public library in Texas to being the hometown of World Heavyweight Champ Jack Johnson, Galveston has long fought to preserve the knowledge of African American accomplishments and heritage on the island, holding dear the many historic sites and monuments that live on to tell the story.