Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook Off

Delicious Food, Fun Times and a Great Cause!

This competition is an excellent way for backyard chefs, sportsmen and women, and outdoor enthusiasts to show off their culinary skills and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun, fellowship and food.

A chef stands over a large grill during Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook-Off in Galveston, TX.
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A chef brushes sauce onto chicken wings cooking over a grill in Galveston, TX.
Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook Off
History of Giving Back

The cook-off began in 1997 with the intention of creating a family-oriented two-day event in the downtown district. Yaga’s Children’s Fund grew each year, and in 2002 twenty-three teams participated with an attendance of over 3,000 people across three city blocks and were able to raise $20,000 towards that year’s charities. That year Yaga’s Children’s Fund 501-(c)(3) non-profit was formed and was expanded to its current location on Pier 21.

Throughout the years of the event, the Yaga’s Children’s Fund has allocated an excess of $1,300,000 for Galveston County children’s charities. The current volunteer board works hard year-round to fund numerous charities with the assistance of generous sponsors and cook teams. The Wild Game BBQ Cook-off is now the premier spring event in downtown Galveston!

Throughout its history, for every dollar in sponsorships the fund receives, it has paid to charity $1.20. Also, the fund continues to hold its expense ratio below 11%, which allows for an 89% payout!

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