Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook Off

Get ready to indulge in some of the best wild game and BBQ at this year's Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook-Off.

This competition is an excellent way for backyard chefs, sportsmen and women, and outdoor enthusiasts to show off their culinary skills and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun, fellowship and food.

When: Annually in May

A chef stands over a large grill during Yaga's Wild Game & BBQ Cook-Off in Galveston, TX.

About the Event

The 28th edition of the Yaga's Wild Game BBQ Cook-off is set to take place on May 10th and 11th, 2024, in Galveston, Texas, benefiting the Yaga's Children's Fund. Originating in 1997, this cook-off was initially conceptualized to establish a family-friendly two-day event in downtown Galveston.

The Yaga's Children's Fund has experienced consistent growth since its inception. In 2002, the event garnered participation from twenty-three teams, attracting over 3,000 attendees across three city blocks and successfully raising $20,000 for designated charities. It was during this year that Yaga's Children's Fund attained 501(c)(3) non-profit status and expanded its operations to Pier 21.

In response to the escalating popularity, the event outgrew its Pier 21 location. Consequently, in 2023, the Wild Game and BBQ Cook-Off relocated to Moody Gardens Resort, signifying a strategic move to accommodate its expanding scope.

Reflecting on its 27-year history and entering its 28th year, Yaga's Children's Fund has allocated over $1,900,000 to children's charities in Galveston County. The dedicated volunteer board remains committed year-round, securing funding to support non-profit organizations that better the moral, psychological, intellectual, vocational, and physical development of the children of Galveston County.

Recognized as a premier event in the Spring, the Wild Game BBQ Cook-off continues to be a significant contributor to the local community.