Post-Summit Breakout Recordings

Weren't able to attend a certain breakout session? Or maybe you need a little refresher.

Take a look at the breakout sessions from Galveston Tourism Summit 2022 below!

Cindy Novotny - "Creating Next Level Sales Strategies"

Once again, for those of you that know Cindy Novotny, she will bring the enthusiasm and momentum to push you to the next level of selling in a strategic way. This breakout session will focus more on selling strategies vs. selling basics. You will leave with an understanding of how to begin your strategic sales plan no matter what business you’re in. Get ready to take your strategies to the next level!

Clayton Kolavo - "How to Utilize The Partner Portal"

Did you know you can list your Galveston business for FREE on the brand-new Clayton Kolavo, the Digital Content Strategist for Visit Galveston, is here to show you all the ways you can utilize the partner portal extranet to update your listing, submit events and more!

Rey Medellin - "Island Resilience"

This breakout session will provide participants with an understanding of resilience and provide the knowledge needed to apply resilience to everyday life. They will also learn how to implement resilience skills that can help overcome tourism burnout. The participants will see how the "Line of Professionalism" can improve their interactions with customers.

Dr. Jill Siler - "How to Thrive Through the Most Challenging Seasons"

These past two years, in the midst of a global pandemic, have brought about some of the most challenging work – whether in leading through shifting and complex information or in serving our visitors in a multitude of ever-changing environments. While the work we do is incredible, it is not without cost. Dr. Jill Siler, author of Thrive Through the Five: Practical Truths to Powerfully Lead through Challenging Times will share strategies to not just survive difficult seasons but to truly thrive!

Cindy Novotny - "Selling To Win!"

Cindy Novotny is so excited to be back with you in Galveston and will share the sales tips and tricks for those of you that are ‘newer’ in the sales area or feel that you need a brush up on the basics. With her high energy and motivational approach, she will focus on 3 of the key sales basics: new business development, asking the right questions to close more business and telling your story of ‘Why Galveston’. Let’s do this!

Erika Breaux - "Yoga Break"

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair and staring at a computer screen for long hours could bring on a host of health problems. Does your neck, shoulder, back or heel twinge with pain after a few hours in the office? Do your fingers ache from continued tapping on the keyboard? Are your eyes feeling weary from gazing at the monitor? Or maybe, you would just like to recharge your mind to tackle the rest of the day at office? Well, the answer to all of this might be in ‘office yoga’. Join Erika for some mindful movements you can take with you to the office to help you move through your workday with ease and grace.