Tall Ships® Galveston Festival

Thursday, April 13

recurring event
Tall Ships® Galveston Festival

The 2018 Tall Ships® Galveston festival hosted tours of the participating ships, numerous special events, sail-away excursions, music, food, and fun in a family-friendly format. Galveston Island served as the first port in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Gulf Coast 2018 Series, which saw participating ships travel across the Gulf of Mexico as they visit other participating cities throughout the month of April.


The Tall Ships Challenge® is a series of annual events organized by Tall Ships America. These events draw hundreds of thousands of people to witness beautiful tall ships from the age of sail and provide a unique opportunity for the participants to interact with the crews of different vessels in friendly rivalry as they race from port to port.
The series began in 2001 on the Great Lakes and saw vessels from six countries and visited seven US and Canadian ports. Since its launch, the Tall Ships Challenge® series has visited dozens of North American cities, bringing millions of spectators down to the waterfront to experience the tall ships and creating a cumulative economic impact of hundreds of millions of dollars for host communities. It has continued to grow every year and is an eagerly anticipated event in the seaside communities that host the vessels and beyond.

Upcoming Dates For This Event:

  • Thursday, April 13
  • Friday, April 14
  • Saturday, April 15
  • Sunday, April 16
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