Hogwarts Christmas Village & Wizard Winter Formal

Dec 10th

Hogwarts Christmas Village & Wizard Winter Formal

Grab your dress robes! gastrochurch is pleased to inform you that you have been invited to our 6th Annual Magical Christmas Experience!

For six years we have been gathering with Harry Potter lovers across the Houston area to celebrate Christmas and raise money for gastrochurch. This fundraiser is vital to the work of gastrochurch and we hope you'll join us for this year's event.

After our super-fun, family friendly, free all-day Christmas Village and Holiday Market in Kempner Park, take some time to get your dress robes on and join us for our Wizard Winter Formal! That's right. The ball is back, complete with music from our very own Wizarding Chamber Orchestra, a seated dinner, drinks, trivia, cosplay and general awesomeness.

Do you have an amazing costume to show off? This is your jam. Are you a Triwizard Tournament Champion of trivia? We're your people. Do you want to get all dressed up, drink some butterbeer, and win the house cup? Buy a ticket, a pair of tickets, or a whole table. You don't want to miss it.

To learn more about gastrochurch or any of our events visit our website here at www.gastrochurch.org.