Haunted World War II Ghost Hunt

Dec 11th

Haunted World War II Ghost Hunt
  • 100 Seawolf Pkwy
    Galveston, Texas 77550
  • Location: Galveston Naval Museum
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

For the first time ever the Galveston Naval Museum is opening its doors at night! That is right, Longhorn Paranormal America's number 1 paranormal brand and tv show has been given access to bring in you for a 6-hour all-inclusive ghost hunt. They will even have all of the state of art gear available for you to use and see. The two massive ships at the museum will be open to you. Investigate and tour the officers' quarters, bridges, birthing compartments, conning towers, torpedo bays, galleys, maintenance areas, and more. Pizza, drinks, and coffee will be provided for paid fans. Please plan for the weather. this is an outside event.

The USS Cavalla served as a training ship and in the Pacific. During her time in service, she was responsible for the sinking of the Japanese carrier Shokaku. The Shokaku was the carrier used by the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Investigate the torpedo bays, officers' quarters, operational rooms, control rooms, galley, and more. Many have seen officers in the torpedo room, heard screams from inside, and even heard alarms activate.

The USS Stewart is a DE class Destroyer and escorted FDR to plan the Normandy Invasion. She would also serve as a defense for British supply lines during World War Two. Many have seen or photographed full-body apparitions in the maintenance areas. Guest have heard voices scream out and even seen crew on the deck. Investigate multiple berthing areas, the bridge, the officers' quarters, kitchens, decks, and maintenance areas.

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