Black Drum Fishing Tournament

Mar 24th to Mar 31st

Black Drum Fishing Tournament

The annual black drum fishing tournament at Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas, brings fishing enthusiasts from all around to compete for the largest black drum catch!

Entry Fee: $25


1st Place Prize: Annual Fishing Pass + Parking
2nd Place Prize:
Annual Fishing Pass
3rd Place Prize:
$200 + 6 Month Fishing Pass (Parking not included)
4th Place Prize:
$100 + 6 Month Parking Pass (Fishing not included)


  1. You MUST pay the entry fee before fishing in BLACK DRUM
    Tournament. No exceptions.
  2. All Drum entered in the tournament must be caught during
    Seawolf Park open hours.
  3. All Drum entered must be fresh and edible at the time of
  4. Only persons wearing a current, daily Seawolf Park fishing
    wristband, indicating they have paid the daily fee, are eligible to
    enter fish on that day.
  5. All fish entered must be caught by rod and reel at Seawolf Park.
  6. Deadline for the winning entry to be weighed is 12:00 PM, 31
    March 2023.
  7. Employees of the Galveston Park Board are not eligible to enter
    the tournament.
  8. Winners are eligible to win one prize only.
  9. Decisions by the judges are final.
  10. The "two pole limit" will be enforced, utilizing bands attached by
  11. In case of a tie, earliest fish weighed wins.
  12. Only participants officially entered in the tournament are
    allowed to reel in fish - no helpers.
  13. All fish entered into the contest must be photographed by park
    staff showing weigh and contestant.